8 Mile – 82 to go

So yesterday was my longest run yet, 8 miles. I know, I know, each week I run my longest run. 🙂 First mile was the hardest. Miles 2-5 I was trying to find my groove. Then miles 6-8 felt fantastic. I thought I could just keep going and going and going. Um, okay, well maybe not really. I did feel good, though. I think I’m finally getting the hang of this. I’ll leave the part about the level 2s (who did 12 miles) passing me on their way back out of it…

Knees were a little sore yesterday afternoon, but otherwise, I’ve been feeling pretty good. Ice and ibuprofin continue to be lifesavers.

My wonderful husband, Trainer James, had a packed house for his free bootcamp last night. If you missed it, you’re missing out. He had 18 people come out and get their butts kicked on a hot Sunday evening…and I had their kids. Yup, the ultimate birth control – other people’s kids. Gotta love ’em!

Join us next Sunday at 6:15pm at the track at Clovis West. And don’t be late…you’ll pay for it. Oh, and bootcamp is free, but we are taking donations for our adopt-a-school fitness equipment program. Once we get to $500, we’ll choose a local elementary school and buy them $500 worth of fitness equipment to help fight childhood obesity. Join the cause!

Got a big week this week with 6 miles tomorrow at 23 min. tempo, 5 mile 6x800m intervals on Thursday, and then a 9-mile run on Sunday. Looking forward to that recovery week next week. I’ll be on the road, so the track at San Luis Obispo High School will have to do. Hope I don’t get bored. If any of my coworkers in SLO would like to run with me, you have an open invitation for Weds and Thurs next week. Hope to see you there.

Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “8 Mile – 82 to go

  1. Yep, my daughter. EXCELLENT birth control. Thank you for chasing after her. We’ll try to find an alternate solution for her care. She’s a handful.

    I’m impressed by 8 miles! I don’t think I’ve ever run more than two miles at a time and ever step of that two miles was absolute torture. And that was back in high school when I was in way better shape!

    Keep it up! Your progress encourages me!

  2. The SLO Roadrunners Running and Triathlon group runs at the SLO High track on Thursdays, so you won’t be bored that night! I’ll look for you – we meet at 5:30.
    AND… the weather has been awesome over here, that will make running more enjoyable :).

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